Maria Gäde, Violeta Trkulja, Vivien Petras
Editors‘ Note



Fabian Hemmert
Information Spaces – Building Bridges between the Digital and the Physical World

Melanie Feinberg
Translating Texture – Data between Information Spaces


Information Behavior

Kathrin Rust, Christian Schlögl, Dongback Seo
Comparing Information Literacy of Students from University of Graz (Austria) and Chungbuk National University (Republic of Korea)

Anastasia Christoforidis, Ben Heuwing, Thomas Mandl
Visualising Topics in Document Collections – An Analysis of the Interpretation Processes of Historians

Barbara Ströhl, Kilian Ganz, Stephanie Richter, Kilian Zieglmeier, Rainer Hammwöhner
An Eye-Tracking Study on Differences in Information Transfer by Infographics

Dirk Lewandowski, Sebastian Sünkler, Friederike Kerkmann
Are Ads on Google Search Engine Results Pages Labeled Clearly Enough? – The Influence of Knowledge on Search Ads on Users‘ Selection Behaviour


Designing Scholarly Information Systems

Keith G. Jeffery, Carlo Meghini, Cesare Concordia, Theodore Patkos, Valérie Brasse, Jacco van Ossenbruck, Yannis Marketakis, Nikos Minadakis, Eda Marchetti
A Reference Architecture for Virtual Research Environments

Corinna Breitinger, Bela Gipp
Virtual Patent – Enabling the Traceability of Ideas Shared Online Using Decentralized Trusted Timestamping

Jöran Beel, Siddharth Dinesh, Philipp Mayr, Zeljko Carevic, Raghvendra Jain
Stereotype and Most-Popular Recommendations in the Digital Library Sowiport


User Perceptions of Information Systems

Tjaša Jug, Maja Žumer
Content, Physical Appearance, Copy Condition – Tagging Customer Book Reviews

Valerie Claessen, Adrian Schmidt, Tamara Heck
Virtual Assistants – A Study on the Usability and User Perception of Customer Service Systems for E-Commerce

Alexander von Janta Lipinski, Henrik Weber, Ralph Kölle, Thomas Mandl
Gamification Elements and Their Perception by Different Gamer Types – A Case Study for a Project Management Software


Information System Evaluation

Eva-Maria Meier, Patricia Böhm, Christian Wolff
Comparing Heuristic Walkthrough and User Studies in Evaluating Digital Appliances

Wolfgang Semar, Elena Mastrandrea, Fabian Odoni
Development of a Benchmark System for Social Enterprise Software – Benchmark System and Visualisation for Analysing Personal Knowledge Behaviour

Juliane Stiller, Péter Király
Multilinguality of Metadata – Measuring the Multilingual Degree of Europeana’s Metadata

Anne Chardonnens, Simon Hengchen
Text Mining for User Query Analysis – A 5-Step Method for Cultural Heritage Institutions


Metrics and Altmetrics

Edgar Schiebel, Davide Bianchi, András Vernes
A Bibliometric Framework to Identify and Delineate Subfields of Research on Tribological Wear – Part One: Can We Identify Fundamental Issues by Clusters of Similar Journals?

Elisabeth Vogler, Christoph Schindler, Alexander Botte, Marc Rittberger
Are Altmetrics Effective in Transdisciplinary Research Fields? – Altmetric Coverage of Outputs in Educational Research


(Social) Media Analysis

Felix Hamborg, Norman Meuschke, Corinna Breitinger, Bela Gipp
news-please – A Generic News Crawler and Extractor

Felix Hamborg, Norman Meuschke, Corinna Breitinger, Bela Gipp
Identification and Analysis of Media Bias in News Articles – The Impact of Objectivity and Believability on Corporate Decision Making and Performance

Florian Meier, Johannes Aigner, David Elsweiler
Using Sessions from Clickstream Data Analysis to Uncover Different Types of Twitter Behaviour



Wolf D. Rauch, Rainer Kuhlen, Wolfgang G. Stock, Christian Wolff, Christa Womser-Hacker, Christian Schlögl
Significance and Relevance of Information Science in German-language Countries – A Panel Discussion Devoted to the 65th Birthday of Wolf Rauch

Antje Michel
„Information and Learning“ – Research at the Interface between Information Science and the Learning Sciences

Michael Seadle
Examining Research Integrity


Gerhard Lustig Award Papers

Fabian Muster
Data Strategy Model – A Reference Model to Develop Data Strategies

Roland List
Relationship between Downloads and Citations – The Case of Two Economics Journals

Alexandra Linhart
Google Now and User Data – A Diary Study on Perceptions of Collection and Use of Personal Data by Google Now Cards

Helene Brinken, Helena Kock
Exploring Intergenerational Knowledge Sharing in Organizations – Potentials and Limitations of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Sandra Balck
The X(Disciplinarity) of Information Science

Robert Jackermeier
Interactive Pedestrian Indoor Localization


Doctoral Colloquium I. Information Literacy and Behavior, Knowledge Management, Visualization

Stefan Dreisiebner
Development and Evaluation of a MOOC Extension for Teaching Subject-Specific Skills in Information Literacy for Business Administration

Stefanie Havelka
Mobile Privacy and Apps: Investigating User Behavior and Attitude

Julian Hocker
Visualization for Text Mining in the Digital Humanities – Empowering Researchers to Use Advanced Tools for Text Mining

Fabian Odoni
Development of Knowledge Management Performance Metrics for Enterprise Social Software

Veit Stephan
Information Visualization of Environment Maps for Complex, Relational Data for Better Reflected Decision Making on the Example of Food


Doctoral Colloquium II. Information Retrieval, Library Information Science, Social Media

Katrin Behnert
Relevance Clues – Developing an Experimental Design to Examine the Criteria Behind Relevance Judgments

Anna Klamet
E-Publishing in Small Nations of the European Union – A Comparative Approach to Policy Frameworks and SME Business Strategies

Anthea Moravánszky
How Can Social Software Enhance Training Measures within Software Implementations in the Financial Sector?

Kaltrina Nuredini
Enriching a Library Portal (EconBiz) with Altmetrics


Poster Presentations

Manuel Burghardt, Katharina Hafner, Laura Edel, Sabrin-Leila Kenaan, Christian Wolff
An Information System for the Analysis of Color Distributions in MovieBarcodes

Nicolas Prongué, René Schneider
Data Streams in – The Swiss Metacatalog in the Linked Open Data Cloud

Achim Oßwald
For You, Me, Them? – Choosing Designated Communities for Personal Digital Archiving

Christoph Schindler, Julian Hocker, Lars Müller, Maria Maleshkova, Tobias Weller
Grasping the Materializations of Practices in Digital Humanities – A Semantic Research Environment for Analyzing Exam Grading Practices in German High Schools

Stefan Dreisiebner
Information Literacy Online – An Erasmus+ Project to Improve Students‘ Competencies

Vera Hillebrand, Elke Greifeneder
International Degree Mobility in Library and Information Science

Peter Böhm, Christoph Schindler, Heiko Rölke, Marc Rittberger
Limits and Potentials of Grasping User Interaction in Controlled and Open World Environments – Contrasting PIAAC Large-Scale-Assessment Usage Data with Web Analytics

Thomas Mandl, Tatjana Aparac-Jelusic
Lowering the Barriers to Entry into LIS Master Programs – The EINFOSE Project

Nicolas Apostolopoulos, Christoph Schimmel, Ilker Egilmez
Open Encyclopedia System – Open Source Software for Open Access Encyclopedias

Fabian Odoni, Wolfgang Semar, Elena Mastrandrea
VICI – Visualisation of Collaboration in Social Enterprise Software Systems

Simone Kronenwett
Research Data at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Cologne